1. Feminist: We want women to no longer be victims by the hands of men!

    Someone who is not a feminist:  Rape has decreased by over 80% since 1979, despite an increase in the willingness of victims in reporting it, and an increase in the overall number of rapes that were reported at all prior to discovery.  The “1 in 3/4 women” “statistic” being passed around is FALSE.  Female scholars and other journalists have written off the concept as nothing more than a form of mass hysteria.   The leading organization devoted to helping victims of rape discourages the notion from being taught on college campuses, as it tries to take blame off of the actual rapist, and place it onto some poorly-defined, imaginary boogeyman. . When you analyze the situation you’ll find that women rape almost as often as men (about 40% of rapists are women) and men are raped just as often if not more than women. The wage gap is a myth. Men make up the majority of rape victims, both in and out of prison. When put in domestic environments you’ll see that intimate partner violence is actually 50/50. These are just a few things.

    Feminist: Pffft you’re just a misogynistic MRA.

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      This is what I’ve been saying! Though, no one listens! I wonder if its because my icon is the face of a transsexual porn...
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